Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The worms are in !!! :)

April 17 – We finally have our worms. Big red wigglers! and ewww! Worms are yicky!

Jeffie Hardin shows us our new Red Wigglers!
But they are also important to our vermaculture composting center. Today Mrs. Hardin helped us get our composting buckets ready for their new residents. We put rocks in the bottom and then sprinkled peat moss on top.
Finally we added the worms - lots and lots of red wigglers that will love living here and will help turn the food we throw away after lunch into plant food (compost) that will feed our gardens.
We are taking part in the Eco-Footprint Challenge to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math. But that's not all. Worms are helping us read better, too! One of our favorite books right now is "Diary of a Worm!" I wonder what these worms will put in their diaries tonight?
CLICK HERE to see lots of photos from today's worm arrival on our Eco-Footprint Challenge webpage.

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