Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're crawling with well-fed worms

May 2 – At Whitewater Academy, our worms are wiggling wonderfully! Each day, compost is collected and added to each grade level's worm bin.
So far, the most popular items for composting have been banana peels, coffee grinds, and apple cores.
A total of 13 pounds of compost have been added to our worm and peat moss mixtures as we continue to study the effects of vermicomposting!
The worms have been spending time in classrooms around the school and Mrs. Cato's Kindergarten class will be "worm sitting" today for the first time!  They will observe the bins and write about apply their five senses to writing and drawing record of their observations!
While we are having a wonderful time with our worms, we feel best about keeping garbage out of land fills and finding a purpose for it that is more environmentally friendly!
– Renée Golz

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